Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Made For Love - The Vital Role of Adults

 We believe that adults play a significant part in children’s development, and the relationship that trusted adults have with the child is the best tool that adults can use to work with the child.  This philosophy guides much of our work in our Made For Love programs.

Adults play a significant part in any child's development. They provide nutritious food, medical care, and a safe environment. They teach the child to observe social norms like turn taking and guide them to form health relationships with peers. The child depends on adults to learn language and everyday concepts, which paves the way for communication and future academic learning. Adults are also role models and facilitators for the child to know themselves, to recognize and regulate their emotions, and to cope with stressful events in life. 

The children we work with are often faced with emotional challenges because of the hardships early in life, such as illnesses, physical impairments, abandonment, and disadvantaged family situations.  This means the presence of caring and responsible staff members, such as caregivers and teachers, are of utmost importance for the children's development and overall well-being. 

It also means we need to work extra hard to bond with the children, to ensure consistency and reliability so that they get to experience and learn what it is like to form trusting relationships with important adults in their lives. This is especially true for the children with trust and behavior issues. What we emphasize is to look beyond their less-than-ideal behaviors, observe more, and wonder what the needs are and how they can be met appropriately. 

We believe that every child needs to feel seen and cherished. It is crucial for children with traumatic backgrounds to receive individualized attention and to form one-on-one bonds with loving caregivers and/or a teacher. To have a go-to person is an essential element in creating a nurturing, home-like environment, where each child feels safe, loved, and valued. Healthy and stable relationship with trusted adults help the children build a sense of security, confidence, and self-esteem. 

In everyday life situations, trusted adults are role models for children and demonstrate positive behaviors, social skills and self-regulation. Children observe and absorb how adults around them treat themselves and others, how they handle problems and challenges, and how they make friends and resolve conflicts.  

A loving and supportive relationship with important adults is not only healing during early childhood, but its impact extends all the way into adulthood. Young children who form strong, trusting relationships with adults are more likely to become resilient and acquire positive coping strategies, which is beneficial for them in the face of challenges in the future. Positive and meaningful relationships with adults can also lead to better educational achievements and healthy relationships with others later in life. They strengthen the children's sense of self-worth, inspire them to pursue their goals, and shape their overall life trajectories. 

The relationship between trusted adults and children in need is a powerful tool for their development and wellbeing. Together we strive to help these children build a strong foundation for healing, growth, and for reaching their full potential.

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