Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Rose Xiang!

Rose Xiang celebrated her 4th birthday on Thursday.  It was a very special day because there was a box that came just in time, all the way from her family in America.

What's in the box?  Wen and Mei are happy to help out!

Look at this, a photo book from her family!



And lots of other things, including one of her favorites...


And some new skirts, made especially for Rose by her sister:

And a few new dresses to go with the cool sunglasses:

And some new sippy cups!  How perfect, as Rose is eating very well but not doing much drinking yet. Perhaps this is enough to spark her interest.

Yes, she certainly knows what they are for!

OK, let's try that with some real water:

And a beautiful cake!

Happy Birthday, Rose Xiang!

Rose didn't have any cake, but everyone else enjoyed it!

One last happy thing, a birthday card from Rose's family. Just think, this is the last birthday she'll celebrate without her mom and dad and brothers and sisters!

Happy Birthday, Rose Xiang.  You're really growing up!