Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Share in the Giving of Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival is a time to celebrate the past year's work and to ring in the new year! One very special tradition that is typical during Chinese New Year is the giving of red envelopes or packets filled with money. These red envelopes are called "Hong bao" in Chinese. Children in China love to receive these red envelopes!

Here at Dew Drops Little Flower, our kids love this Chinese New Year tradition too! Would you like to help us give our kids some red envelopes? Here are some ways that you can get involved! 

1.     Post on social media to ask you families and friends to donate money so we can fill our red envelopes
2.    Consider sharing some of your own money that you receive during Chinese New Year to give to the children

Once you've collected the money, you can share it with us and we will fill those red envelopes for all of our 31 children who live here!

We hope that the New Year brings you many blessings and joys. Happy Year of the Rooster from all of us at Dew Drops Little Flower!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Overheard at Dew Drops Little Flower

When newborn babies arrive in this world, they are so small and vulnerable. They have to be taken care of by adults and need 24/7 continuous love and care. It is important that they eat and sleep well, pee and poop regularly, and do not have diaper rashes!

Solex donated some very nice, soothing wipes for the OCF Dew Drops children. Through their work, they hold that their wipes are not merely wipes, but will contribute to the child's growth and well-being.

Our friends, Ms. Li and Ms. Zhang delivered stages 1, 2, and 3 wipes and special hospital-use wipes. These wipes should last about a month for all 30 of the children in Dew Drops. Solex will continue to donate their wipes for the next five months! OCF Dew Drops children enjoyed their wonderful visit by doing some exploring!

Hua to Di and Fei: "Look guys, we are surrounded by love!"

Di to the others: "How about that, we are surrounded by love!"

Hua to Di and Fei: "These wipes are a donation from our friends at Solex."


After having some fun, let’s put these back in the box and store them in the warehouse. Look at Hua and Ci; how determined to help!

Hua knows how to put these back nicely!

He is so proud of his work! 

He has been suffering diaper rashes due to complications from his intestinal defects. He is so happy to have these special wipes just for kids like him. Thank you! 

When everyone gives a little love, we can all make the world a better place. He has a big grin because of people like you and our friends at Solex!

There are other kids here who also need all of our help. Will you give a little love to provide a chance at life for these orphans?

Friday, January 6, 2017

You Can Fly Little Bird!

There's a song in Chinese that goes something like this:

I am a tiny little bird
who would like to fly high
I am searching everywhere
for a warm embrace

That warm embrace can give the tiny bird the encouragement that it needs to fly.

That little bird also needs a safe, warm nest. Without a nest to protect it and serve as a place to fly back to, it will be left with nothing.

Orphan children are similar to little birds. Without a home, they are left vulnerable and without care.

Children are abandoned for many different reasons. No matter what their story is, the result is that they are left alone in this world. With no father or mother, these children have no one to give them a warm embrace.

Here, there is 24 hour care all year round provided for every child.
Here, all the equipment and items that they to survive and thrive need are available.
Here, each child can also receive never ending warm hugs!
The caregivers provide all these things.

Similar to how a parent provides for her own child, the caregivers give baths, change diapers and clothes, feed, hold, comfort, play, sing songs, accompany them to the hospital, and together help make a difference and save lives.

Would you like to make a difference today by giving these little children a warm embrace?

Who are we?

We are OCF Dew Drops and we provide 24 hours of specialized care to abandoned children.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Do You Believe in Magic?

Love is such a powerful thing that sometimes it can look like magic! Do you believe in the power of love? We sure do! Allow us to show you the "magic" of OCF Dew Drops. The transformations are incredible!

For our first trick, we present to you, our multi-talented, unbelievably devoted staff:
Our caretaker staff changes diapers, feeds and comforts crying babies, takes them to their doctor appointments, and so much more! They provide expert care for these orphans 24/7, all year round. Professionalism is their goal.

Our office staff hosts visitors, takes lots of pictures of the kids, and writes posts to keep you updated.

Amazing, right?

Our staff sings, dances, and even writes their own songs. They are talented, interactive, and cheerful. They turn our plain little house into a sheltering haven filled with laughter and joy.

Take our little friend Xuan for example. Xuan was born with spina bifida, a birth defect in which the spinal cord fails to develop correctly. Because of OCF Dew Drops, Xuan was able to have the surgery that he needed and the continued support that has helped him to flourish ever since.




Our second trick is to create a home environment filled with love and care. You're part of this act too! The generosity that you provide not only gives these children life-saving surgeries and medical treatment, it also helps us to provide this sheltering environment. Our children thrive and  blossom because of this love.

Our caretakers strive to provide the best care possible for these children. All these can only happen thanks to your love and support. May these beautiful faces brighten your day despite all the smog and gray.

You see, love is magical.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 2015 Featured Child: Xiang

This month’s featured child is little Xiang, who arrived at Little Flower on August 31, 2014. His journey of arriving at Little Flower is very heart warming and it also captures the extra care needed by premature babies. Xiang weighed only 2 lbs 2 oz (950 grams) when he was abandoned.

Being a premature baby, he needed intense care to survive. His condition was not stable when he arrived, so we admitted him to the NICU of the children’s hospital in his province. He spent ten days in NICU, struggling to breathe and become stable. After 10 days in the NICU his condition was still very critical. He was dependent on the ventilator to help him breathe, had lost weight and his infection was not yet under control. The doctors did not believe he had any hope and told us to take him home to die. But we and little Xiang didn’t want to give up yet.

After he left the hospital we were amazed to see him fighting hard to hold on. We decided to transfer him to Beijing where doctors might consider treating him. One of our staff brought him to Beijing from the town his orphanage is located in via train by ‘kangarooing’ him the entire way. He was so tiny that he needed to be on someone’s skin the entire journey for warmth and to survive. He weighed a mere 1 lb 10 oz (750 grams) when he arrived at our Beijing Baby Home, and so needed all the extra care we could give! At our Beijing home, our staff held him skin to skin for 24 hours straight so he could survive. However, he was still struggling to breathe. He was readmitted to a Beijing hospital with Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS), a common problem seen in premature infants.

After a short stay in the NICU at #81 Children’s Hospital in Beijing he was discharged back to our home still very tiny but breathing more easily. With the help of lots of kangaroo skin to skin time, little Xiang started to push through.

With all the extra care and love, little Xiang continued to grow and become bigger and stronger. His cute smile is simply adorable!

He has made a lot of progress! Now, he is stable and growing. He now weighs 12.2 lbs (5.53kgs) and if you saw him now, you won’t believe he is the same boy! He is a real miracle!