Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Holiday Pounds

The Spring Festival holiday has ended and what’s the most common thing posted on your friends WeChat walls? “Why did I eat so much over the holidays?” Everyone is angry with themselves once more as they reflect on their choices. It’s amazing how far we’ve come from the Tang Dynasty beauty standard of “丰腴”, which idealized the plump figure. Now it seems that every ounce of fat must be destroyed to be beautiful and even two weeks of holiday can undo all of our progress.

Contrary to these standards, there is one group among us for which growing “fatter” is the goal. It’s almost like a competition. Last year in June, we received 3 such competitors: the two month old Yue Yue, the one month old Xia Xia and the 20 day old Zhuo Zhuo. Even in the arms of their caregivers, from their wrinkled skin and tiny frames, you can see that they are in serious need of weight gain.

 These three boys all suffer from the same condition: anal atresia. They have all become members of our ever growing “club” of children with this condition. As such, they cannot process normal formula and required colostomy bags. To complicate matters, they all have additional issues specific to them. So, these three have been fighting for their lives to get fatter. After several months, they have had some success, so we can say they too have put on the holiday pounds!

Yue Yue’s transformation:

Xia Xia’s transformation:

Zhuo Zhuo’s transformation:

These once frail bodies have become strong. They had no strength but now they can crawl, roll over, sit and even stand. They continuously make great progress! 

So instead of regretting how much you ate over the holidays, think of these little ones. Because of your love they were able to gain a few pounds and start to thrive!

Dearest Dew Drops Caregivers

“In this world, having a mother is the best. It is like having a treasure.” These are the words from a famous Chinese song. Although the children at Dew Drops currently cannot experience the love of a mother, they are not alone. Instead they are filled with your love.

Here is a tribute to all of our wonderful caregivers:

My dearest caregivers
You are with me day and night
You feed me and change my clothes.

My dearest caregivers
No matter if it is raining or sunny, you come to take care of me
You give me a bath.

My dearest caregivers
You encourage me to grow stronger and bigger
You share my pain when I am crying and smile when I am happy

My dearest caregivers
You have a lot of love for me
You keep me warm each day

My dearest caregivers
Every year on New Year’s Eve
Everyone goes home to their family for a reunion
But you are here with me
You feed me and keep me warm
You hug and kiss me

My life is full of love because of you 

Thank you to all my caregivers. Although I don’t have a mother, I am still loved because of you! May we continue to share our lives and create new memories together. 

Happy Chinese New Year, my dearest caregivers! 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

12 Steps to Bigger Opportunities

 After lunch, while the other children are napping, these three kids practice their walking. They walk quickly down the corridor with a big smile on their face. Walking may seem like no big feat, but these three joyful faces show much excitement and accomplishment.

They reach the corner and stumble upon a flight of stairs.

Putting their walkers to the side, here is the story of 2 children and their therapist walking into the rest of their life. 

They start the game of walking up and down the flight of stairs. To most people, we don’t even stop to think before climbing stairs, it comes naturally. But to these children, each step is a precise calculation of how much weight, what muscles to use and where exactly to step with the right posture. 

This is a tiring process, but these children do not give up. They can face frustrations but with continuous effort, they grow more and more proud of their accomplishment!

Maybe they are unable to move easily and gracefully, but their effort and outcomes bring them pure joy. 

 12 steps to bigger opportunities. If we believe in and love each child, then they will look positively upon themselves. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tears of Joy

Our lives are made up of many complex experiences; some are difficult and stretching, some make you angry, and some move you to tears of joy. What makes you tear up and cry? The sound of a newborn’s first cry brings so much happiness to new parents. Everyone is filled with relief and joy when a newborn comes into this world making noise. However, when a child is born with complicated medical problems, a parent’s cry may go from joyful to anxiety ridden as they figure out how to help their newborn child.  

Little Yue is an example of one of the children that might have brought sorrowful tears and anxiety to his parents. Yue was born with anal atresia. This means that he has difficulty passing stool. Yue is the 1 out of every 5,000 babies that is born with this condition (based on statistics provided by Healthline). He was rushed to the hospital for his first stage surgery. Yue was a tiny boy with protruding ribs when he came to us and it was clear that he would need ongoing specialized nursing care to get stronger. 

Yue when he first arrived at our home
 Over the last 4 months, we have provided him with meticulous care. We have changed his colostomy bag over one hundred times and ensured that he was gaining weight. Now, Yue is a transformed boy!

Does Yue’s story bring you to tears? His transformation fills his caregivers with tears of joy! At the end of last month, Yue was hospitalized again for his second stage surgery. The surgery was successful but after the operation, Yue caught a serious infection. He continues to need specialized care to heal from this infection that is causing his abdomen to swell. Despite this, Yue is full of smiles. His eyes look lovingly at his caregivers. Even so, his primary caregiver is full of tears for this sweet boy as she tries her best to comfort him.

To keep him comfortable, his legs are raised. 
To help reduce his fever, a wet towel is placed on his head. 
When he is strong enough, his caregiver helps him drink some water and Yue is full of smiles. It seems like he doesn’t remember that he is still fighting an infection! 

Yue’s story brings us to tears – tears of joy for the hope of his future and tears of sadness that he has to go through so many surgeries at such a young age. Together we can take away sad tears and bring smiles to the sweet babies at Dew Drops!   

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Giving Tuesday

Dear Friends, 

“Giving Tuesday” does not really seem like our kind of thing at Little Flower.  We hardly ever even send out any appeals.  But that does not change the fact that day in and day out, year in and year out, we quietly go about our work of “helping the helpless” in China.  This is the time of year that we ask for your help! 

Caring for children abandoned by their parents due to medical needs...


Helping poor, rural families with children who have medical needs but no resources available to them in their small villages… 

Still raising the older orphaned children who did not get adopted and have been in our care now since they were infants…


Intervening with the toughest cases of women in crisis who need help for both themselves and their babies…

These are the kinds of things we do and our ability to continue to help depends on your generosity.    

Send in donation checks to: 
China Little Flower,
PO Box 1235, 
Kearney, Nebraska, 68847

China Little Flower is a 501c3 organization in the USA. 

Contact us for information about how to make tax deductible donations in China.