Thursday, November 30, 2023

A Story of Strength and Hope

This month, we would like to share a little about a girl named MZ who has been receiving treatment in our medical home recently. 

Just Arrived

Little MZ suffered serious burns on many parts of her body as an infant.  Over the past three years, her orphanage has worked very hard to help her recover. Despite repeated surgeries and extended hospitalizations, she still has areas that refuse to heal. Her orphanage contacted us to see if we could help her, and of course we said yes.

Hospital Days

MZ has a serious wound that is impacting her right knee, making it so she is unable to straighten out her leg. Despite the pain that she is in, MZ is a strong girl. She tries to stand up by her bed and stretch out her leg, doing the various therapy exercises she needs to do each day.  The burn hospital specialists have created a plan of surgeries to help heal her wounds and release the joint contractures. Both in the hospital and at home, MZ is accompanied by her special nanny 24/7 to make sure all of her needs are met.


Puzzle Time

We are both humbled and amazed by MZ’s strength and determination.  She is an incredibly capable child who meets each day’s challenges with courage and a cheerful attitude.  She’s a quick learner and loves engaging in games, puzzles and craft projects.  Your support allows us to provide healing and nurturing to children like MZ. 

Beautiful MZ

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

A Brighter Future for H

Meet H! This sweet little girl was transferred to our care in July 2023.

Her parents were unable to care for her, so she was being raised by her grandfather. Last year, H’s grandpa recognized that due to his advanced age and worsening health he couldn’t keep up with an active preschooler. So four year old Han was taken to the local orphanage. The orphanage staff noticed that she had a number of minor health issues and made plans to follow up on those. She seemed otherwise healthy, though perhaps a bit developmentally delayed.

Before H was able to consult with any specialists she suffered a gastrointestinal emergency and needed surgery immediately. The local hospital in her province was unable to help her, so she transferred to Beijing, where we assumed responsibility for her care. At the end of July, she had surgery.

Following her recovery form the emergency surgery, we arranged the ophthalmology and ENT consults that she needed. In September, she underwent another successful surgery for her ophthalmology needs and in October, she had another surgery for her ENT needs. We are grateful that we could provide her with treatment for all of her medical needs.

H is an inquisitive, determined, resourceful little girl who has adapted well to our home. She loves to read books, play with play-doh and do arts and crafts. We look forward to witnessing how this sweet girl grows and thrives in the days ahead.