Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Growing Cucumbers!

Summer is in full bloom here in Northern China. With 141 children in our care, we have been spending these long hot days playing in the water, eating ice cream, and gardening. There is something magical about growing your own vegetables - getting your hands dirty planting seeds, watering day after day as you watch the sprouts grow, and finally plucking your first harvest.   

Gardening is not only fun, it's also a hands-on activity that engages a variety of senses and develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and confidence. Will you join us in our garden to see what we've planted?

We planted cucumbers! The children were amazed at how long the cucumbers grew! Some of them grew straight and some curvy. 

With the sun beaming down, little hands reached forward to gently pull the cucumber off its vine. 

And finally, the children carefully washed the cucumbers before they ate them!  

Gardening is a great way to explore the world!