Sunday, April 30, 2023

Meet Baby Y

We first met baby Y in March 2023. Little Y was abandoned next to a trash can. The finder called the police, and she was sent to the local hospital for observation. She weighed only four and a half pounds and appeared to have been born prematurely. She was also diagnosed with a heart murmur and a brain injury (cerebral hemorrhage), so the orphanage asked if we could help her.

Y seemed to be stable when she came to our home, but her nannies knew that she would still benefit immensely from skin to skin kangaroo time. She is an alert little one and has a very inquisitive gaze. Y loves to be held and only cries if she is not in the nanny’s arms. Of course, we are making sure to give her all the love, cuddles and nurturing she would have received from her own family.

We are hopeful that Y will recover from her rough start and not show any ongoing effects from the cerebral hemorrhage. We will be following up with specialists over the coming months, just to make sure there are no other issues that could affect her in the future. Thank you for being there for Y. Your support allows us to say “yes” whenever an orphanage asks us to help a child in need.