Monday, April 25, 2016

Featured Volunteer Group: Mazenod College

This past week, Little Flower’s baby home was filled with student volunteers from Mazenod College in Australia. A group of 9 young men, accompanied by two teachers, came to Beijing for a week-long service trip. For most, this was their first trip to China and their first experience with abandoned children. Like many others, they came anxious to help and left deeply impacted by the children they interacted with.

Here are some of the highlights:

Little Rui looks comfy, doesn’t he?

Can you guess how many balls I can hold at one time?

After a fun morning, Lei is fast asleep.

Little Yu was a bit confused with all the tall boys around…he kept looking up instead of at the camera!

Did someone say it is time for lunch?!

We are so grateful to these young men for sharing their time and talents with the little ones at Little Flower.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 2016 Featured Child: Jia

This month, we are featuring Jia, a 12-year-old girl from Little Flower’s Group Home #5. She arrived at Little Flower in April 2014 and has been diagnosed with a lower extremity impairment.

Our Group Homes are a place for school age disabled orphans to grow up in a loving family environment and Jia figured this out quickly. Within days of her arrival, Jia started calling her foster-father ‘Baba.’ In the photo below you can see Jia and her foster dad are enjoying some quality father-daughter time together:

Jia is the oldest of five children in her group foster home.  As the oldest child, Jia helps her foster mom around the house and with the younger kids as well.  On weekends when she is not at school, Jia even helps her mom change the younger sibling’s diapers, all without being asked!

Before Jia came to Little Flower (just before she turned 11) she had never attended school.  Now Jia attends the Chunmiao Learning Center.  Her foster mom remembers the day she came home and wrote her name on a piece of paper. Jia was so proud of her accomplishment and so was her mother!  Every day after school, Jia loves to tell her foster mom about everything that happened at school. She follows her mom around the house recounting what every teacher said and what she learned.  Here are some of her accomplishments from school:

Jia is almost 13 now, and it has been wonderful to watch her blossom in her foster family.  Like most girls her age, she loves wearing new clothes and dressing up.  When she was in the orphanage she had to keep her hair cut short, but now it’s grown much longer and she loves to have her mother fix it in braids and other fancy styles.  We are so glad that Jia is part of our group home project, growing strong, healthy and more beautiful every day, able to attend school, and most important, knowing the love of a family.