Monday, April 15, 2019

Outdoor Adventures!

Spring is a beautiful time of the year around the world! Most of us look eagerly for the blooming flowers in our neighborhoods and enjoy the sweet fragrance in the air. For the children at Dew Drops Little Flower, spring also means one more thing….it is finally warm enough so go outside! After months of eagerly looking out the window and asking if they can go out to play, it’s finally time!

This spring, we have a bunch of toddlers who are experiencing playing outside for the first time. Previously, they were too young to be able to actually walk themselves and so although they went outside before, they didn’t experience the joy of climbing up the stairs and sliding down! As you can imagine, they were a bit anxious about the unknown. But similar to most of their life so far, their loving nannies accompanied them through this new experience. It took a little coaxing but soon enough all the kids couldn’t stop playing!

Han was a little nervous to go down the slide by herself at first but after she did it with her nanny, she was all set! Look at how happy she is!

And of course, her nanny was waiting for her at the bottom of the slide when she came down herself for a big hug! 

Some kids like Xian didn’t need much convincing, he was even trying some tricks on the slide!

Di too was ready for all the slides!

Xia was a little nervous to go down himself, he kept pausing right at the top of the slide! But with a little encouragement from his buddy, Zhen, he gave it a try. And oh, how much fun it was!

After mastering the slide, Cong boldly walked over to the toy elephant. But as soon as he got on it, he was not sure what to make of it! 

And lastly, Xiao too needed a little help from his nanny at first before he was bold enough to go down the slide alone. 

What a morning of fun! Here at Dew Drops, we are honored to share in these precious children’s’ stories. We accompany them through more difficult parts of their life like when they are having surgery and we accompany them through the daily activities of play, eating and creating memories with friends!