Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Women behind the Happiness of more than 2,000 Children

A baby, a father and a mother are typically the key ingredients needed for a family to start their happy life together. However, even children without a family of their own are able to have a happy life. At first, these children’s stories start in a difficult place. They are abandoned by their birth parents for various reasons and found in different places, including train stations, bus stations, rubbish bins, or even by river or mountainside. Maybe the parents were unable to afford the medical treatment and surgery that the child needed. Maybe the child was just too “special” for the parents to accept. Maybe the child was unexpected….there are a lot of possibilities for why the story of these 2,000 children started the way it did.

…but because of your support, these children have had a very different experience to what one might expect for them. No matter how long or short their lives may be, they are all loved and cherished. Because of your support these caregivers and children continue on and are refreshed each day by the love you show them.
Dew Drops is made up of a group of women whose life and breath are caring for orphans and supporting poor families. They combine their kind-heartedness, stubbornness and persistence to delicately untangle the unique stories that makes each child special.

She, Lily, or as she calls herself, “the infant queen,” has been working with orphans since 2006, reaching over 2000 children in total. Regardless of the outcome, she feels that each encounter with a little one is a beautiful experience. Though her work has contained both heartwarming smiles and heartrending tears, she persists because of the unique beauty of each child’s story.

And she, she, she….the list goes on.

These are the women who surround these children’s stories. For the past 12 years, they have worked together to make a difference in over 2,000 children’s lives. And with your support, we are able to continue to make a difference in even more children’s lives.