Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mei Mei Helps Out

Once upon a time there was a very cute little baby named Qiao. He lived in the same Little Flower home as Mei Mei. Even though he was 9 mos old, he was very sick and weak, so he wasn't able to get up and play like the other babies. So he just spent his time being adorable, like this:

When Lily came along and saw him just hanging out, she decided to get some photos. So she picked him and for some cuddles:

And then propped him up in a chair and got out her camera. He was a very cooperative little model:

He had a lot of fun showing Lily how he learned to play with his tongue:

And then Mei Mei came around the corner. She was looking for something to do:

Like all little people we know, Mei Mei is fascinated by cell phones and cameras. This looked interesting, so she decided to join:

And it wasn't long before she wanted to help:

And then she wanted to see the results...

"Hmmmmm... is that the best we can do?"

"Hello, Baby Qiao! Can you smile?"

"I bet I can get him to smile.. watch this!"

"OK, let's try again now..."

"There - PERFECT!"

"OK, now that we got some good photos of him, take some of me. I'll pose in that chair for you!"

"Well, that's enough photos for one day."

Do you need help with anything else? Oh look, Baby Hui needs a nebulizer treatment - I can do that!"

"Helping the babies makes me feel happy and important!"

"See - I can hold it for her all by myself."

"There now, Baby Hui. Are you feeling better?"

And so ends the tale of a very ordinary Tuesday morning at the Little Flower baby home.


Sunday, December 25, 2011