Sunday, November 13, 2022

Autumn Days in the Parks

In a big city like Beijing, public parks are a popular gathering place. Parks are filled with people exercising, practicing tai chi, flying kites, playing badminton, dancing, and the laughter of children. This month, we have been taking the children at our Beijing Medical Home to different local parks. 

These children are in Beijing short-term for medical care - some are waiting for a bed to open up at the hospital to have surgery; and others have recently had surgery and are waiting for a follow-up appointment before heading back to one of our long-term homes in Northern China. 

With so much outdoor space, the children had a lot of fun running around and exploring. They quickly noticed the leaves that had fallen and started to collect them. 



We then found the the children's play area. Slides, swings, jungle gym, all the favorites were there. 



This park even had a small petting zoo. The children enjoyed feeding the animals. 


We sat by the lake for a little break and watched the geese swim by. 

Afterwards, we showed the children how to use a vending machine. This was a first time experience for the boys. They were so thrilled to use one.

After all the exploring, we rode back to the main gate. We had two excellent drivers! 


What a fun and memorable day spent at the park! Thanks for joining us!