Thursday, October 22, 2020

A Day on the Playground

As the hot summer days slowly leave us for cooler fall temperatures, the days we can go outside to play for hours are also slowly coming to an end. So, we are soaking up as much sun and fun as we can! 

Xin on the slideXia climbing up

The classic slide is a sure crowd-pleaser! Xin guarded the slide ensuring that only those who knew how to climb up and slide down could use it.  Luckily, all the kids are experts!  


And what’s even better is when you can slide down with your buddy on the double slide! 

The seesaw was another big hit! Le, Xia, and Lu, loved being lifted high up into the air! 

Quan, Guo, and Li were a little more skeptical but eventually had fun!


Lu was super adventurous!

Finally, everyone had so much fun going round and round in the carousal.