Monday, April 20, 2020



In October 2019, we launched a new project with one of our partner orphanages in a small city in a northern province in China. We are currently providing specialized care to 45 children in this project. The children range in age from one month — twin brothers!– to 15 years old.


Food is an integral part of the day for these children as it not only provides nutrients but also helps them to build a special bond with caregivers. We have been in lock-down for two months now in response to COVID-19, and so, to provide something exciting to look forward to each day, the caregivers have been cooking all kinds of treats!


Under Lily’s  supervision, our chefs have been cooking up a storm. The menu has included meatball soup, noodles, wantons, dumplings (jiǎozi), stuffed steamed buns (bāozi), banana pancakes, muffins the list goes on and on.




Yesterday, we made over 80 dumplings, which were gobbled up by 13 kids! Being stuck inside during this difficult time might be hard but at least these children haven’t lost their appetites!