Monday, September 9, 2019

Summer Fun!

Written by our volunteer, LeighAnn 

As we enter September, I have taken some time to reflect back on my summer here with the kids. While it looked much different than the summers I am used to, there is one thing that connects this summer to all the other- spending time outside!

The children and ayis both enjoy getting outside. We go for walks, play on the playground, explore the garden, or have afternoon snack picnic style under the canopy. While the older children tend to go to the playground and the garden, the little ones usually stick with wagon rides and playing in the canopy area. Any spot brings its fair share of special moments. It is so cute to see a new walker step off the mat and onto the grass for the first time. Some love the feeling of the grass between their toes, while others move back to familiarity quick. I have loved watching the older kids become more confident in themselves on the playground, climbing faster and higher than the last.

No matter where we are outside, the children never fail to find a treasure. Most days, they will collect leaves, flowers, and sticks. The treasure gets more exciting on days they go to the garden. The ayis will help them collect small apples from the trees, a sunflower full of seeds, and different herbs to take in for cooking. The kids are proud of each of their treasures. They will show me their loot with a huge smile.

One of the great things about taking the children outside is that every age can enjoy it. The crawling babies feel the grass, the toddlers have space to go from walking to running, and the older children explore. Often multiple groups of children from different Dew Drops rooms will be outside at once and play together. The little watch the older children run around and play. This also makes for a great singing time as the older children often help the younger ones with the motions.

Spending time outside with the kids this summer has been so fun! I’ve loved seeing them learn and explore the world around them.