Thursday, October 23, 2014

September 2014 Featured Child: Qiang

Little Qiang came to Little Flower Projects as a very small, 1700 g (3 lb 12 oz) baby.

When he was abandoned he was diagnosed with NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis) in a local hospital in his province, and his condition was critical. The infection was severe and the NICU doctors there did not think they could save him. The staff at his orphanage wanted to try everything possible and contacted us to see if we might accept him. From his medical reports, we didn’t feel he had much of a chance to even reach Beijing’s top specialists, but we agreed to try. Little Qiang was rushed to Beijing, and he had surgery right away.

Incredibly, he survived the first surgery and gradually overcame the serious infection that threatened his life. When the surgeons felt he was ready to be discharged, he was released back to our home.

Unfortunately, within 24 hours of coming back home he was readmitted back to the hospital with additional problems. His little system was not ready for full feedings. He underwent more surgeries, but finally began to stabilize. We were so excited when we learned he would soon be home again. Unfortunately, just when he was eating and growing well, he was also diagnosed with hydrocephalus and needed several extra weeks of hospitalization and additional surgery for that. A whole three months after he first arrived, he was finally ready to come home to Little Flower!

His head was very large at first, but we saw gradual changes as the shunt drained away the excess fluid and the pressure in his head began to stabilize.

As his condition stabilized, he started to catch up on other milestones, like smiling and cooing at his nannies. What a charmer he is!

Now he’s is a happy, healthy 4 month old who loves to giggle and smile!
Qiang is strong and healthy now and no longer requires special care. He has just transferred back to his province so that his adoption file can be completed. We’re so glad we had a chance to help this precious little boy get off to a healthy start.