Thursday, November 27, 2014

We are thankful!

Like Halloween, Thanksgiving is another American holiday that is not celebrated in China.  The children in our school enjoy learning about other countries and cultures and one of their favorite things is to learn about holidays celebrated in other places.  This week they learned about Thanksgiving.

What Thanksgiving celebration would be complete without turkeys?  They didn't get to eat turkey, but they did get to decorate turkeys to take home:

In addition to turkeys, the children traced fall leaves and shared what they are thankful for.

"I am thankful for firemen who put our fires." (We did visit the fire station recently!)
"I am thankful for the bus driver who brings us to school each day."
"I am thankful for the cook who makes our lunch."
"I am thankful for policemen who catch thieves."
We have a lot to be thankful for!  The leaves are now hung in our school to remind us of our many blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving!