Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Na Grows Up

We introduced you to Baby Na back in July when she had just arrived. At that time she was not only very tiny, but also extremely ill with pneumonia. We weren't even sure we could save her. You can see that post here.

Well, we are happy to tell you now that she has grown into a lively, healthy and charming little baby girl. She's got an irresistible little face and smiles for everyone. Na has more than tripled her weight, from just 4 lbs to over 13 lbs now. Check out the photos below to see how she's changed:

Thanks to your prayers and support, little Na is now ready for a family of her own.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A New Little Face - Baby Xia

We've had quite a number of new arrivals this month. One of these is baby Xia. She's a tiny little peanut, but you can tell already she's got a great personality!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Little Flower Christmas Party

We are doing something new this year with our group home families. Each group home family has been matched with a local expat family, who will "sponsor" them for Christmas. The sponsoring family is hosting the kids for some kind of a party, either a meal, or tree decorating, or just an afternoon of fun. They are also providing some Christmas gifts for the children as well as some needed household items for the family (such as laundry detergent, rice etc).

One of our group homes had their party a few days ago, and it was a big hit! The kids had so much fun with their gifts and their new friends. Pizza was had by all. Even the foster parents look relaxed! We are so grateful to our sponsors for doing this - it's a wonderful thing for the kids, but most important is that the foster parents feel supported in their job. It's hard work caring for 5 disabled children as if they were your own - they deserve it!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tiny Baby Fang

Have you ever seen such a perfect little princess? Baby Fang is just like a doll, and at only 4 lbs, about the same size. We rarely see such a small baby so alert and interested in her world. Please pray that she stays strong and healthy this winter season.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby Long

Long is a year old, but his foot is the length of my thumb. His smile seems to be even more entrancing because of his cleft palate, the very thing that has made his life such a struggle up until now. He was born with a cleft lip and palate, not an uncommon thing in China by any means, but a thing for which many babies are abandoned. Even with extra care and special attention when feeding, cleft palate babies often get fluid in their lungs accidentally, leading to pneumonia. This is mostly likely what happened with Long, and he ended up in a hospital where they struggled to get him off of his ventilator. Multiple sicknesses and hospitalizations have left his trachea scarred, causing him to sound almost like a purring cat when he breathes deeply in sleep or excitement.

Currently he has a fever and is on oxygen, though the fever does not seem to be too severe. It will be a long winter for this little guy, as he struggles to grow bigger and stay healthy. He has all of our hearts wrapped around his finger with that handsome smile, but more importantly he has our hopes and prayers. Join us in cheering for him and the other little ones who need to make it through the cold winter months in order to thrive.