Friday, April 30, 2010

Special Guests

On Thursday, March 4th we were visited by BISS (Beijing International School of Singapore). Each week a group of about five or six elementary students comes and tours our baby home with one or two of their teachers. This week the children enjoyed learning more about each of the babies. Sometimes a student has been so interested in a baby that they return to school and research more about a specific baby's condition.

At the moment the students at BISS are raising money in order to purchase a saw, so we can use it when casting clubbed feet. In the past, the students have held movie nights and collected diapers, formula, and clothing for the entrance fee.

By Megan

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Beautiful World

It snowed awhile back. One of the volunteers told me, "Look at the trees! They are so beautiful." I didn't realize it until she told me. That reminds me of an old chinese proverb that goes like this, "It's not that the world is lacking in beauty, it's that the world is lacking in eyes to see that beauty." It was pretty, actually it was so pretty! We just stood in the snow, lifted up our heads and watched the snow falling down. Doing so made us know how amazing the snow flakes were, how amazing the world was.

It's not just the snowflakes, I'm sure that there are more things such as caring, love, and sharing... The world is right there, it is waiting for you to find out its beauty.

By Coco

Monday, April 19, 2010

Potty training 101

He usually screams when he's taken into the bathroom to sit on the big person toilet. However, today we had a break through. He allowed me to take him into the bathroom where he succeeded in using the potty. He wasn't to happy when other people came in to talk to him, but was all smiles when he was able to leave the bathroom. He's a smart little boy, who loves when you tell him he did a good job. Hopefully he keeps up the good work and before we know it he'll be out of those diapers.

By Megan

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Will To Live

She's a miracle girl. When they got her, the doctor doubted she would live past one month. She cried all the time. She cried a lot! She always needed the staff to be with her and rock her to sleep. She needed them too much in my opinion. We called her "the high maintenance baby." She was very demanding. I found her so annoying at first and didn't really care for her emotionally. I felt that we had so many babies that we can't always focus on you! She was very attached to some of the staff! Like really attached!

I was finally won over by her during a trip to recieve a certain surgery. They gave her a small surgery and then when I saw her she just laid there. She was unconcious for what seemed like forever after the surgery, it was like she was dead, because of the medicine to make her sleep. I was crying because I thought, "What if she dies?" The way she was laying there was peaceful but, I was afraid of this kind of peace. I didn't want this peace to bring her away from me because I had just fallen in love with her and we had just started our new relationship. She finally woke up, her eyes fluttered like broken butterflies. I felt like she was so strong to have made it through this surgery! I was so proud of her!

Later, the doctor said there was no way for her to receive a special surgery in China. I was totally defeated when I heard this news. I begged him please, is there anything that you can do? He said, "I'm sorry." She had a very special heart, in need of a special surgery. The doctor said, "It's a miracle that she has lived this long."
We tried hard to look for some hospital outside of China that could take care of her special heart. We knew that if we could find the right hospital that she would fight for survival and live. Not too long after, we heard that there was a family in America that wanted to adopt her despite knowing the problem with her heart and that she might die. They still wanted her. This was like miracle number two for her. They adopted her and brought her to America. The American dctor said that she needed three surgeries in total. Not long after adoption she received her first surgery. She was strong as usual.

I'm sure she'll get through the next two surgeries as strong as ever. Now, she is like a little angel. She is so beautiful. She is growing each day, bigger and stronger. She gives her family so much love. She loves to hug her family and tell them how much she loves them.

By Theresa

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

Photo Shoot

A couple of days ago, I went over to the foster family home to take pictures of Dou and Qing who were very excited to have their pictures taken. I was entranced by their cuteness during the photo shoot.

By Louis

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Little Angel

My little angel, she's so innocent and so cute! She has Down syndrome and a heart defect. She was very weak when she arrived. After taking care of her, she became stronger. I like her because she's one of the sweetest babies. She smiles when you play with her and she has the biggest smile! She's so adorable! When she smiles it's so big that her eyes close shut. She always gives you her best smile, so full and complete.

At one point, she went to another place for surgery. They had to keep her separated from the staff for a few days. When she was finally allowed out she saw her favorite staff member and her eyes suddenly filled with tears. I know she's aware of the love she's received.

Later on, I wanted to stop volunteering because I was so tired. I saw my little angel there and thought, 'You don't care if I go! You'll just forget me.' But, when I looked into her eyes, they made me want to stay. I couldn't refuse her. Her eyes seemed to say, 'Don't go, don't go!' How could I leave her alone? She needed me. So that's one of the biggest reasons why I stayed.

I think normally that Down syndrome babies might be considered less by society. But, being with her, you wouldn't think about anything else, just how precious she is. She's no different; if anything she can bring more happiness because of her talent for love, which is why I call her an angel. What I feel for her is this: First, I fell in love with her because she was so weak and needed our care. But, what she brought to me was happiness and smiles; she definitely gave me more than I gave to her.

Now she's much healthier and stronger. Also, she's been adopted by a really good family! So I know that they saw what I saw in her.

By Theresa

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What Matters Most

There is a girl in our infant care facility; she has hydrocephalus, it's like having a big water balloon for a head. She never stands up, she is unable to. Sometimes she shakes her whole body; she screams a lot every time she shakes, it must hurt a lot. If you hold her hands though when she's screaming, it's very easy to get her to calm down and stop shaking. All she needs when she is screaming is to know that someone is there, holding her hands. She makes me think a lot.

Sometimes we think we aren't rich, so there's nothing we can do. But it's not about money, it's about us. What these children need is love, just holding their hands, giving ourselves to them. Letting them know that we are there for them and that is enough.

By Coco