Monday, February 13, 2012

Xiang and the Bouncy Balls

Xiang is in a preschool program every morning now, but she still manages to keep busy the rest of the time. Her favorite toys to play with are balls, and sometimes she is very protective of them!

She delights in collecting all the balls she can find, and consolidating them into a safe, protected and central location - her bed! Then she's got a perfect little play space all her own.

First, she hunts down all loose balls. She is very careful to look under the other babies' beds, because she knows balls often roll underneath and people don't notice them there.

Once she's retrieved a ball, she carries it carefully over to her own bed:

Her bed has higher sides than the others, so it's a challenge getting them in there. But she persists:


Once the balls in all in place she heads off to find someone to help with the next step:

She "asks" the nanny to come with her:

Once they get to Xiang's bed, she points; it is very clear what she wants:

"Please pick me up!"

And in she goes with her beloved balls:

She's so happy to hold her ball in her own space. No one will take it away now!

As far as we know, Xiang is still waiting for a family of her own. Please continue to pray that her family finds her... and of course, that their home is filled with balls!