Monday, July 31, 2023

Impact on X

X was abandoned in 2018 as a tiny preemie weighing just 4 lbs. Knowing of our vast experience in caring for premature babies, the orphanage asked us if we could help her. When little X arrived, she appeared to be healthy, but a few days later our careful monitoring picked up on signs that all was not well. We transferred her immediately to see specialists in Beijing. She was diagnosed with a serious congenital syphilis infection which had spread to her central nervous system and caused damage to her liver. The doctors in Beijing worked very hard to stabilize her and clear the infection. She was discharged home to us after a few weeks but continued to need follow up and treatment for several years.

Newborn Xin

Today, X is a curious, thoughtful 5-year-old who impresses all who meet her. She is very patient and shows intense concentration on her work in school. She has been placed in our family model of care and become very attached to her foster mom. X has blossomed into a caring and capable little girl who interacts well with her foster siblings and cheerfully participates in household chores.

Planting a Garden

Washing Up

We’ve seen how our assistance is indeed vital to saving the lives of vulnerable children in China’s orphanages. Because we have access to Beijing’s top specialists and hospitals, have a network of staff and systems to safely transport children to these resources, and are able to provide the specialized care that these children need, we are able to provide healing and hope for a healthy future. But we also recognize that meeting each child’s emotional needs and becoming the family that they have lost is every bit as important as resolving their medical issues. We’re privileged to be able to provide both for X. 

Practicing Numbers

Birthday Girl

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