Thursday, June 27, 2024

Watermelon Delights !

 Hot summer days are here, and what better treat to cool down with than watermelon?  Well, ice cream is good too, but watermelon is definitely healthier - and helps keep you hydrated too!  Or, you can do what our little ones tried recently, and have your watermelon in an ice cream cone.  You know, a "watermelon cone".  🍉🍦 😆 

 Or maybe you are craving some skewers?  We love BBQ skewers, but that's not really a project for a preschool classroom... so we substituted watermelon. 💕🍉

Never tried one of these delicacies?  Let us show you how it's done...

First, you start with a cone.  Ask a grown up to halve or quarter the watermelon.  Then you peel the bananas.  Oh, did we forget to mention the bananas?

Once your bananas are peeled, use your ice cream scoop to scoop balls of banana and watermelon in your cone, like this:

Once your cone is filled with fruit, you drizzle a little bit of yogurt over the top:

Voila... ready to enjoy!

And then for those skewers... these are even simpler than the cones.

Scoop balls of watermelon:

Once you have scooped out a bunch of watermelon balls, thread them on the skewers:

You can enjoy them right away - no cooking or waiting required! 

Hope you enjoy your watermelon as much as we did!

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