Monday, September 11, 2023

A Farewell to Summer

As the sun sets on another splendid summer, what better way to bid adieu to the balmy weather than with an enchanting end-of-the-season party? Thankfully, one of our volunteers organized just such a morning filled with laughter and joy.

Our first activity was a magical box full of dress-up costumes and masks. The air buzzed with anticipation as the children looked through the box and picked their favorite costumes. From capes that billowed in the wind to masks that hid mischievous grins, the playroom transformed into a realm of limitless imagination.

The next activity that awaited the young adventurers – a tower of cups standing tall, begging to be knocked down. Armed with colorful balls, the children took careful aim, sending the cups tumbling in a symphony of clinks and laughter. This simple yet captivating game showcased the power of teamwork and determination, as friends cheered each other on and celebrated each triumphant strike.

Next, we set up a small basin with water for the children to play with toy ducks. They quickly had the idea of giving the ducks a bath and then drying them with a "towel". The ducks were very dirty and needed a long, long bath!

The end of summer was celebrated in style – a day of imagination, camaraderie, and carefree play that will linger in their hearts long after the seasons change.


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