Thursday, August 10, 2023

A Day of Firsts!

During the summer vacation, this July, our dedicated staff  embarked on an extraordinary journey with 16 eager children. Together, they set out to discover the world beyond their familiar walls.

Among the group, only a handful had previously ventured into a supermarket, during a trip to Beijing for medical care. For the majority, it was an exciting first-time experience. The older children were given 15 yuan (a little over $2),  and the younger ones were given 10 yuan ($1.4), as their shopping funds, they were ready to indulge their senses and make their own choices. With wide-eyed enthusiasm, they wandered the aisles, cherishing the newfound sense of independence that comes with handling their own money. Each decision was carefully weighed, as they eagerly calculated whether their treasure would be sufficient to satisfy their desires.

But the supermarket was just the beginning. As the day unfolded, the children stepped into a realm of pure delight—the amusement area of a bustling shopping mall. There, they encountered thrilling rides and daring attractions that beckoned them to unleash their inner courage. To our astonishment, they fearlessly embraced the challenge of high-altitude walking, defying their doubts and embracing the exhilaration of adventure.

As noon approached, it was time for another first—their inaugural restaurant experience. At a nearby noodle shop, they savored a simple yet significant meal of steaming noodles. Amidst the laughter and chatter, we witnessed their genuine curiosity and enjoyment for the ordinary pleasures of life.

But the day was far from over. As the sun began its descent, the children embarked on their most anticipated journey yet. For the first time, they strolled into a cinema, clutching their popcorn, to immerse themselves in the magic of movies. This experience will undoubtedly etch everlasting memories of joy and wonder in their hearts.


Lastly, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the generous donors, whose unwavering support and generous donations made this exceptional outing possible. Together, we've ignited sparks of hope and cherished dreams in these young hearts, empowering them to see beyond their circumstances and embrace the boundless opportunities that await them in the world. 

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