Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Baby Qi

Meet Qi! Qi was abandoned in spring 2022 in a northern province. Routine screening showed that she had a congenital syphilis infection (transmitted from her mother before she was born), so she was admitted to a local hospital for treatment. After she was cleared for discharge she transferred to our home.

Little Qi has captured the hearts of all she meets with her cheerful personality and bright, inquisitive outlook. To see her now, you would never guess she had such a rough start! She loves the ever popular “where’s your… naming game”, where her nannies point to a body part and say its name. Now she can even point to her nose or ears when her nanny says “nose” or “ears”! Her very latest accomplishment is taking a few steps on her own, much to the delight of her devoted caregivers.

Her recent follow-up showed that she is still testing positive from her previous infection, which should have cleared with the initial treatment. So we are making plans to transfer her to Beijing so that she can consult with the specialists about her unique situation. Fortunately, the lifting of lockdowns will make that a lot easier, but we’ll have to wait until after the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday.


We don’t know what the future holds for little Qi, but we hope that she will someday join a family of her own. Until then, her Little Flower “family” will be there every step of the way, advocating for her needs and loving her for the very special, unique person that she is.  

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