Sunday, March 9, 2014

Here's to Independence!

After learning how to walk, the logical next step for many of our toddlers is the slide, which often unintentionally multitasks as a kind of jungle gym too! You can't stop these toddlers when they're on the move and ready for more independence!

Wan, Wen, and Jie tottered their way over to the slide recently, and things started pretty normally. Wan made her way down the slide with a little help from Little Flower staff member, Peter. Wen followed close behind, eager for his turn!

Looks like Wen had a crazy ride!

You can see by his big smile just how much fun he's having.

Wan soon went back for another go. She got more courageous, unexpectedly deciding to slide down head-first. Of course, Peter was there to lend a helping hand. Their friends, Min and Jie, were also watching close by.

Wen, not to be outdone, was soon trying to climb up the slide. Step by step… Almost on top!

When he got to the top, he let himself slide back down backwards!

For his last turn, he really wanted to slide by himself without any help. Go Wen!

Wen was pretty exhausted after all that fun and took a rest in his nanny's arms.  

It’s hard work learning to be independent. Time for lunch!

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