Saturday, March 22, 2014

All About Colors

At the school recently, the kids have been learning about the color spectrum!
The school is a pretty colorful place, after all.
Whether it's working with colorful beads...

Or bright clay!

Qiang puts together a map puzzle, where each Chinese province is marked with a different color. Not an easy job!

Shan works on his geometry with colorful shapes.

To introduce this fascinating subject, one of the Little Flower teachers taught the kids about color mixing. She started by arranging several glasses of water and adding yellow, red, and blue dye.  

With those three base primary colors, she mixed them in different combinations to show them the effects. The kids were totally mesmerized.

One day, volunteer Linda came and read the children the story of the “rainbow fish," a story about a little fish with shiny and sparkling scales, who learns about sharing and friendship. Needless to say, everyone enjoyed it immensely.

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