Friday, March 7, 2014

Fei's Story: Before & After!

Little Fei arrived to us on October 22, 2013, from an orphanage in Hebei Province. He had been abandoned as a newborn preemie weighing only 1.5 KG (just over 3 pounds). In addition to being tiny and very weak, he also had a cleft lip. The orphanage staff told us that he was having major trouble breathing, and that from the moment they found him, he hadn’t cried once. The orphanage staff tried to feed him, but had had little success. They sent him to the Hebei Children’s Hospital, where they put him on a ventilator.

Eventually, the orphanage asked us for help with his case, and we went to pick the little guy up. For the next few months, Fei received careful monitoring, feeding, and plenty of kangaroo care in our Beijing Baby Home Preemie Unit! 

Over the few short months since he arrived, Fei has doubled in size. Watch his transformation in action!

This photo is priceless:

As time went by, he was getting to be chubbier and cuter than ever.

Just look at him in this photo!

Pretty soon, he was big and strong enough for a cleft repair. He recently had cleft surgery, and will be staying with us through his recovery period. Here he is (left) after his transformation, with his buddy Nian.

Here he is on the right, looking sleepy with his friend Zheng.

Pretty soon, he’ll be ready to find his forever family!

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