Thursday, March 20, 2014

Featured Volunteer: Linda

Today, we're spotlighting a volunteer at our Early Education Center: Linda. We recently sat down with her to ask her some questions. Check out the interview below!

Hi Linda! Where are you from?

I am from Hamburg, Germany. Actually, I am originally from Kunming, China. I came to Germany as a five-year-old orphan myself, and was adopted by a German family.

What kind of work are you doing at Little Flower?

I am volunteering for four weeks at the Early Education Center as an English teacher. I essentially work at the school all day. I spend one hour per day with the group of older kids, and I prepare a new lesson plan for each day.
My favorite activities to do with the children include crafts, drawing, and singing – all in English of course!  I really try to encourage the kids to speak English. We did a lot of Origami and drawing. I wanted to work on inspiring children to use their own creativity.
The rest of the day I do individual work with children, and support them with their daily learning.

What were you doing before you came here?

Well, I am currently at university in Germany. I am studying special needs education and will earn my master’s degree in two years. While traveling, I met someone from the Little Flower school by chance! That's how I first got in contact with Little Flower.

Tell us more about your outlook on Special Education. 

In Germany, children with special needs are integrated as much as possible into ordinary schools. There is a country-wide project going on right now. In China, the separation is a little too big, while in Germany, the integration may be moving a bit too fast. I'm learning form both experiences in both countries.       

What do you think about our Little Flower students' English levels, and how are they progressing?

At the school, it's great to see the effort from each of the children. Their English level isn't yet conversational, but after my second week, they began to become more and more confident, approaching me with questions and asking for help!

What are your thoughts on the children you have met here at the Little Flower Early Education Center?

I am astonished at how self-independent all the children are. I really can feel the love that all the staff at the school have for the children!

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