Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Exciting news for Tao!

Thirteen year old Tao got some very exciting news this week.  Can you guess?

It started with a package that arrived all the way from USA - just for him!

What's inside?
His foster brothers are just dying to know!

Oh, wow!  It's a package from his adoptive family.  And they are coming very, very soon!

They sent a camera so he can take photos of his friends, his school, his foster family, everything he might want to remember after he leaves China.

And a photo album!  Now he can learn more about his new mom and dad and brothers and sisters before he even meets them.  Isn't that cool?

And a letter, which Ruth (our group home coordinator) helped him read.  His family wants him to know how excited they are and cannot wait to meet him.

Tao is excited and nervous about meeting his new family.  They'll be here in just three weeks to complete the adoption.  We'll be sad to see him leave, but we are truly overjoyed to know he will soon have a family of his own.

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