Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I want to play!

Playing the piano takes a lot of skill. Often pianists practice for hours just to be able to play one song perfectly. But for little kids, playing the piano can be a way for them to learn some hand coordination skills and have some fun! One year old, Shuo, who recently had a second stage lip repair surgery, shows us how to play the piano today.

After his surgery, Shuo was able to join the other kids for playtime again. He was very excited after being stuck in his room for a few days, recovering from surgery.

He walked around a bit, trying to pick the perfect toy. He decided to give the toy piano a chance. 

He tried using his hands to make some noise! 
Then he used his feet!
Then both his feet! 
He then decided to try a different position and so squatted to play the piano! 

“Maybe if I lay down, the sound will be more beautiful” thinks Shuo. 
Shuo shows us how to play the piano – you can squat, you can lie flat, you can use your hands or your feet! It is really up to you. Playing can be a fun outlet for our kids to explore and learn new skills. Don’t you want to join Shuo?!