Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Little Musicians

Music time is one of our happiest times here at the Baby Home. The toddlers get out all their musical instruments, including a tiny piano, drum set, xylophones, and little voices to burst out in their favorite tunes. Maria, one of our education specialists, came today and sang with the toddlers.

Can you guess what their favorite song is? Whenever Maria visits, she makes sure to sing it: The Wheels on the Bus. They love it so much that she must have sang it ten times in one sitting!

We love seeing the children interacting with music in this way, as music can help babies and toddlers improve cognitive skills, memory and body awareness. Here are some of our most promising musicians:

Little Jie at the piano: Piano seems to be her favorite instrument. But the question is, which is the little Jie’s favorite way to play.
Sitting or standing? One or two handed? Solo, or with an accompanist?

They all sound great. Little Min claps her hands. BRAVO!

Chen at the drums:  Chen especially loves to beat the drum.  With or without sticks.

He really gets into it with two hands, letting us know he’s got the beat.

Xin the Maestro leads a group of five little ones in song. You can tell they’re excited to play all together in their impromptu band.

The dueling xylophones:
You can see our little girls love playing xylophones. Xin has her Hello Kitty xylophone:

…and Yu uses the tiger xylophone.

And lastly we have Yang showing us the famous Chinese twirling drum. His expression is priceless.


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