Saturday, December 28, 2013

Movie Stars

Our babies may be little, but they're big stars at heart. Last week, we had two amazing filmmakers, David and Chris, visiting the school and the baby home.

They've volunteered to work on some special video projects for Little Flower, which we'll hopefully be able to share with everyone soon.
Visiting the baby home for the first time on a scouting visit, they already started to capture some moments on camera. The babies, of course, are used to fun photo shoots, but they were extremely curious about these larger cameras and microphones.

You was the first celebrity of the day.

She walked up to the camera with confidence and peered right into the lens. Hello? Hello, anyone in there?

Min was also a little movie star. She looked right into the camera and waved.

She even tried to help Chris adjust the lens.

Others were a bit more hesitant. Wan tottered over to the curtains and hid behind them!

But she popped out eventually.

Outgoing or shy, all the kids had fun with our videographers that day.

That’s a wrap!

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