Friday, December 6, 2013

Getting to Know our Toddlers: What Do We Do After Naptime?

All toddlers nap, but ours especially love to nap. Many of our kids’ mornings start at 5:30-6:00 AM!
After waking up from their after-lunch nap, they one by one slowly start filtering out onto the play mat. Today, little Min came out first, while most of her friends were still sleeping. Don’t you just love her double pin straight ponytails? You can see her wondering, Where is everybody? 

Chen came out next to have his bottle.  Chen is a darling boy who just moved to the toddler room a few days ago.  Congratulations Chen! He is working on getting adjusted to the new rhythm.

Xin wakes up next.  Here she is awake and her expression reminds us of how we are when we first wake up…do I really have to get up, or can I just sleep for five more minutes?!

She’s got her red shoes all ready to go. Now it’s time to go out and find Min.
Oh, and here she is!  But, where has Min gone now? And where are all her other friends?

There she is!

Wait, who's there? Min and Wan look toward the door.

Everyone's come to the play room!

Back in the toddler room, little Hong in the stripes is still sleeping so blissfully. In fact, we still have three little ones fast asleep. Hong, Jie and Wei need more sleep than others due to their medical conditions.

Back at the play mat, playtime is really getting going.  These precocious and bright toddlers are so engaged in the nannies' game.

And here's a sign we’re really having fun: we’re engaging in pretend play! This type of play is a key sign of good progress in psychological development. Xin loves using the phone and Chen gives a concert on the drums.

Ah…the joys of being a kid.

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