Sunday, December 15, 2013

Little He's Second "First Steps"

We all have had moments where we have had to start all over again, but little He -- she really is a trooper!

Little He recently came to us in October, after her second surgery.  She has a curved vertebral column, which means she must have several surgeries to fix her spine. She had been able to walk before her surgery, but after her surgery, her backbone needed time to recover. This meant she had to lay flat for over a month with very limited mobility. Then, step-by-step, she could learn to sit again, and then learn to stand.

And this week she reached the biggest milestone – she took her first steps again!  We are so proud of her determination and perseverance.  Way to go He.

You can see the concentration in her eyes.  She is not yet very stable, but her movements will get smoother as the weeks go on. The turtle shell-like thing she’s wearing helps to keep her back nice and straight.

The best part about our photo session was that she was so interested in the camera.  She first wanted to see all the photos we had taken. Then she wanted to be the photographer!
So we held the camera for her, helped her aim it at her first subject, and then she pushed the button. There were a couple false starts…

But she got the hang of it. Look at her final photos of her friends in the baby room…not too bad!

Maybe she’s a future photographer.  We’ll have to continue her lessons!

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