Monday, February 10, 2014

Yi's Transition

Little Flower Foster family #2 recently visited the Beijing Infant Care Home to meet Ambassador Gary Locke, and in the process, their newest little brother Yi was able to hang out for the afternoon in some very familiar surroundings.

Family #2's foster parents have been with Little Flower for almost 9 years, since the start of our Group Educational Foster Care Project in 2005, which provides a supportive family environment and schooling for older disabled orphans. These foster families all reside in the same area, forming a wonderful Little Flower community of kids and foster parents who live very normal family lives! They go to school, do chores, hang out with their siblings and friends, and go out on the weekends.

Yi's been the latest addition to their family, and he's fit right in since moving over to our Group Educational Foster Care project about three weeks ago. We often make the transition as children in our Infant Care projects still need further treatment, but require a more traditional family environment as they grow older.

Yi seems especially close to his foster mama and big sister Mao. He was excited for the chance to come back to the Baby Home to see old friends, including the big blue and red slide in the playroom. The first thing he did was lead his new big sister over to it.

It didn't take long for him to climb up on his own...

...and slide down!

...About 10 times!

His foster brother Gong cheered him on.

As did their parents and older sister.

It wasn't long before Yi's old buddy Jie had woken up from her afternoon nap and came out for some slide time of her own.

Soon, Yi was giving his foster mama a quick tour around the playroom.

Look! Here's my old kitchen! wasn't long before he went back for another go on the slide.

It was great to see that he's adjusted so well to his new family. 

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