Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Moving Means Progress!

In our Infant Care Home, moving means progress! We have several rooms across two floors, and each room is a sort of "unit" that indicates the condition of the babies who live there. Often, as the babies grow a bit stronger or older, they'll make the transition from one room to another. Let's show you how it works.

We’ll take you upstairs first. Upstairs, we have two preemie rooms specifically guessed it, preemies! The doors are always kept shut to these rooms, to keep the babies' environment as sealed as possible. No visitors allowed! This helps us prevent these fragile little ones from getting sick. But these rooms do have big windows, so you can see what's going on inside. We also have special rooms for heart babies, which have a similar no visitors rule.

After some of our preemies grow a bit bigger, and once fragile babies' conditions have stabilized, they will often move on to Baby Room 4. This is a much bigger, open room, where a lot of happy playing, time spent with nannies, and of course, more growing happens. Here, the babies can meet new friends and begin to interact with other babies.

Back downstairs is where our older babies and toddlers live. They sleep in the Toddler Room, and have meals in the kitchen. The best part is, the have the playroom, slide, and a different collection of toys to play with every day of the week. There's also music time, TV time, and playtime with all of the nannies and other toddlers.

As always, there's been quite a bit of change in the past couple months. A couple of toddlers have moved on to join foster families, some left us to await their forever families, and many babies upstairs have made progress.

Mei, Kang, and Fei have graduated to Baby Room 4.

And these two, both named Yang, have moved from Baby Room 4 upstairs to the downstairs area with the other toddlers. Look how they've changed since their arrival!

For those of you who have not been to visit our baby home, we hope you enjoyed this "virtual" tour.

Three cheers for movement! Three cheers for progress!

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