Friday, February 7, 2014

A Visit From the US Ambassador

All of us at Chunmiao Little Flower were honored to have US Ambassador to China, Gary Locke, visit our Beijing Infant Care Home today. Ambassador Locke dropped by this afternoon to visit the children in our projects and learn more about what we do at Little Flower.

His visit started like all other visits to the Baby Home. Shoes were changed out for clean slippers, and hands were carefully washed before the tour. This extra care is always taken when anyone arrives at the Baby Home.

Sarah, our Marketing and Development Manager, also from the U.S.A., introduced our projects, including not just Intensive Care, but also our Foster Care, Early Education Center, Hospice Care, Long-Term Care, and Special Causes projects. We discussed the operations side of Chunmiao Little Flower, as well as how other individuals and organizations can help.

Foster Family #2 even dropped by to meet the Ambassador. 16-year-old Mao did a great job of introducing her family in her excellent English.
"What do you want to do when you grow up?" Ambassador Locke asked her.
"I want to be a doctor!" she said.
Way to go, Mao!

Mao's foster brother Gong and their foster dad were also pretty excited to meet him.

Little Yi, who joined his new foster family just a few weeks ago, also enjoyed hanging out at his old Baby Home stomping grounds and seeing all of his old friends, as well as getting to know some new acquaintances...

Wan and Wen did too! Wen, usually a pretty introverted little guy, had a great time meeting Ambassador Locke in the downstairs playroom.

After hanging out with the toddlers, we headed upstairs to visit some of the younger babies in Baby Room 4.

And there was even time for a few more photos!

We love sharing what we do with others. The more people know about these wonderful children and the help that they need, the more we'll be able to make a difference in their young lives. It was a wonderful visit, and they're welcome back any time!

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