Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Outdoor Explorers

Every morning, between 10:30 and 11:00 AM, the kids at our school get to go outside for some fresh air, exercise, and adventure! Some days, the teachers have a special game or program planned for them, which is always fun. But some of the most fun days involve free play. When our kiddos are let loose in the park, there's no end to the fun they can have…

Here is a sample of their fun outdoor activities:
Follow the leader
Wheelchairs don’t stop these kids!  They love to push and be pushed.  Their Follow the Leader game lasted from one end of the park to the other…
Jie says to Qiang: “Let’s play follow the leader!  You better hold on tight because I push fast!”

Ye says: “We’re coming next. Thanks for the pushing, Hui & Shuang."

And three more little “leaders” in the game bring up the rear.

Nature observers
After being in class indoors, the kids love to connect with nature. Let's see what they've discovered…
Shang shows off his latest find…a fragrant evergreen branch.

Ya's found a super long branch and tries to carry it along with much determination.

Balance beam
The balance beam is quite the hit.
Yang shows the younger ones how it is done.

Ya watches on with interest.

Ya replies, “I found a snack in my pocket! I think I’ll use the balance beam in a different way—for my snack bench!”

Impromptu Meetings 
The boys gather to discuss strategy. What should we do next?

Outdoor Cuddles
It can be chilly outside this time of year. Sometimes a little cuddle is all you need to keep you going. Ye gets a warm hug and is ready to go again.

She’s off!

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