Thursday, June 2, 2011

A prayer fulfilled - strong, healthy and adorable!

Twins Ke and Ai arrived nearly a year ago, so tiny and fragile we feared they might not survive. The first few months were filled with ups and downs, but as they near their first birthday we are so grateful to know that they are indeed growing up strong, healthy, and as their names imply - adorable!

Ke: "Hey sis, you want to play?"
Ai: "Not right now, I just woke up. Gimme a minute."

"OK, now I'm ready!

"Look at this little nose - looks just like mine!"

"Yep, and the same ears, too!"

"Imagine that! We must be twins!"

"Can I share your ball?"

Your prayers and support *do* make a difference, not only for little Ke and Ai, but all the children we care for. Thank you to all who help make this possible.

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