Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mei Mei and Ran Ran

These two girls have been with us long term. Both of them were accepted as small infants for hospice care, with little chance for survival. But they have beat the odds, and both of them are still with us several years later.

Ran Ran is severely brain damaged and requires a very high level of care. Mei Mei is now a very alert and active 4 year old who loves to help the nannies care for the smaller children. She watches them closely and copies their behavior. She does her best to wipe little noses or pat a fussy baby on the back. Although she is non-verbal, she communicates very well.

"Hmmm, wonder if Ran Ran needs a little help. She looks lonely. "

"Hey Ran Ran, you OK?"

"Let me make you a little more comfortable!"

"Oh, maybe the problem is over here."

We have been so blessed to care for these little girls and watch them grow and develop. And it's so rewarding to see Mei Mei picking up the nurturing care she's seen and experienced over the years!


  1. That is so sweet to see her taking care of her!! Wow!! God Bless you guy's!