Friday, June 17, 2011

More tiny babies - Hui and Yun

We received two tiny premature new babies this week -a little girl named Yun and a boy called Hui. They are not twins, but were abandoned in the same city and have the same intake weights. Neither appears to have other birth defects, but both are very fragile.

Baby Hui is not doing well now, he is struggling with low oxygen levels, edema and fluid balance. But his little face is so peaceful and perfect:

Here they are with our doll baby Shuang (center), who is growing like a weed. She looks so big next to these newcomers, it is hard to believe she is only 4.5 lbs herself.

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  1. Oh my, what precious preemies!! I just came across your blog and website. Your work is so incredibly important.

    We love preemies. Our first child was born 17 wks early and has special needs. Our hearts are naturally drawn to these little miracles! We are also in the adoption process for a baby with special needs from China.