Saturday, May 20, 2017

Love Without Borders

Last week, at Jingdu Children’s Hospital, a group of American volunteers came to volunteer. In addition to playing with  children in our Orphan Care Project, they also interacted with some of the children receiving medical treatment for burn injuries at the hospital. These children experience unimaginable pain during their treatment process. It is a long process that can be very expensive and difficult for both the families and the children themselves. Together, they played games, sang songs and practiced English.

Here are some of the highlights:

I am little Hu. I like to play outdoors! 

I am YaoYao. I enjoy spraying everyone with my water gun. My caregiver got worried that I might infect my hand and took away my water gun. So I am upset!

Hi, my name is Zhao and I enjoy playing ball. I lost my leg in a car accident. Although my life has been difficult, I try to make the most of it. I am still studying hard and I enjoy meeting a lot of new people at the hospital, especially foreign visitors so I can practice my English! They don’t stare at me or whisper around me. I realize that I might look a bit different, but I am still a regular boy! I want to become a doctor when I grow up.

I am Xiao Ling. Although I can’t walk, I have a lot of skill with a ball. Hu and Yao play with their water gun, whereas, Zhao and I practice throwing. Even while sitting in a stroller, I can still throw a ball perfectly!

On the second day, the foreign volunteers took the children to the other side of the building to play. They practiced English together and the children taught the volunteers some Chinese words. Everyone was so happy to go outside and play together. You can see the relief and joy in the family members who also enjoyed the change in scenery!

Thank you to this group of volunteers for visiting us! 

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  1. Such a noble thing to do! Seeing these kids laughing, giggling, enjoying makes you see the beauty life holds. Thankful to the American volunteers.