Thursday, May 4, 2017

Life Hurts

There is a popular song on the internet called “Life’s not fair”. This song is about being consumed by an unrequited love. In real life, many of us have encountered such unexpected circumstances and in these moments it may seem like the worst hurt in the world. But this idea of “hurt” is much bigger than the pains of love and can completely shape a person’s life.   

Eight month old Yao was born with multiple limb deformities – a growth on the back of his neck, and is missing some fingers and toes. It is difficult to understand why he was born this way.

How can he walk? How can he pick things up? Even with his challenges, he has learned to overcome and plays with the other children each day. Can you believe it? See for yourself below: 

Yao can sit up well 

He can stand up straight on one leg

He plays with cars

He even reads books by himself 

He plays with balls

He does some stretches in between all the playing

He sees his brothers eating some snacks 

"I don’t need my big brother to feed me. I can feed myself" thinks Yao

The taste isn’t that good and it’s a bit too hard. Turns out this is not a snack, it’s a toy! 

In the future, I will hopefully be able to have surgery to fix my feet and hands. At that time, I will be able to use my feet and hands even better. Until then, I don’t want others to treat me any different. I might have been born with some ‘hurts’ but my heart is still strong. I can grow up and become a strong boy. 

Yao is not limited by his disabilities. He is able to make the most out of his life. What about you - are you limited by life’s unjustness? 

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