Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Athletes

Today, we wanted to highlight some of the talented athletes here at the baby home. Check out their moves!

It's off to the races with our first four babies, who are ready to crawl to the finish line. Here, they have all lined up at a starting line. From the left, we see Xian, Yang, Min, and Wan.

And they’re off! Yang is quite the sprinter. But Xian looks a little lost; the expression on his cherubic face seems to say: “Hey, where are they all going?”

Yang emerged victorious from that race, but no matter. Wan here looks ready to move beyond crawling races to become a race car driver!

In the field of gymnastics, Yang shows off his moves. We’re not sure whether those splits are intentional, but he does seem pretty flexible!

And here, we have Yang doing her version of the rock and roll split. She would look great with a little guitar wouldn’t she? Or maybe some cymbals.

Le is definitely one of our most flexible babies. She would be great at yoga!

Speaking of yoga, here you will notice that our little ones love to do one of our favorite yoga poses--the “happy baby pose.” It is an actual yoga pose, and our babies are experts at it.

Here, we have two little “boxers,” Da and Yun.

Last on our list is a favorite: FLYING! The little guys love to do this “Superman” pose. Xiao always does her flying pose with a big smile.

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