Monday, April 14, 2014

Medical Rounds

Every day at 9:00 AM, the Medical Team at the Little Flower Beijing Baby Home makes their daily morning rounds. From one room to the next, one child to the other, they check, examine, monitor and discuss each baby with the nannies. This process ensures that the team is constantly updated on the condition and status of each baby in our care.

The most important information for each child are written on that child's individual clipboard, or medical chart. These clipboards for each baby are positioned on white boards in each baby room and available for all of our staff to review.  The nannies, or "ayi" in Chinese, regularly measure and note down body temperature, weight, and feeding times. The medical team checks these numbers for abnormalities and keeps in constant contact with the ayi's, who are constantly around the children and often the first to observe if anything is out of the norm.

Here are some updates from one morning's rounds:

In Preemie Room 1:

Sha has got a cold. Yesterday, her temperature was a little abnormal, but it seems to have gotten better today. The medical team advises the ayi's to keep taking Sha's temperature every hour, which is more frequently than normal.

In addition to the irregular temperature, Sha isn’t drinking her formula well. This has to be closely observed during the next few days. If she doesn't gain some more weight soon, they consider putting her on a feeding tube, or taking her to the hospital for examination.

Most babies in Preemie Room 2 are doing quite well. Only Lu’s eyes are rather red. The medical team suggests eye drops.

In Baby Room 3:

Jiang is attracting the medical team's attention. He looks like he might be a little dehydrated. They suggest rehydration salts and nebulizer treatment.

After leaving Baby Room 3, the ayi from Preemie Room 1, where we started our rounds, is calling us back over. She just discovered something in Sha’s mouth. The medical team’s diagnosis: dental ulcer. This will have to be followed up with the doctor.

Standing in the door to Baby Room 4, the team is discussing rotation. Today, two new children from Shanxi Province are expected to arrive. They are discussing which room will have space for them, as well as whether some of the babies who have been doing very well could transfer to another healing home before awaiting adoption.

Baby room 4 is quiet, and all the babies are doing well. Only little Wang recently had a fever,but after taking some medicine, his temperature has stabilized.

Before going down the stairs, we enter Baby Room 2.
The ayi's present in this room tell us that Dan has developed a cough. From their experience, the medical team has a very good idea of which treatments are best for each child. For Dan's coughing symptoms, they recommend medicine and nebulizer treatment.

Downstairs, we go to the last station: the toddlers.
Most of the toddlers are doing well. Only Hong requires special attention. Her appetite has decreased. She hasn’t eaten much since yesterday evening and is not feeling well. Since she seems rather weak, the team discusses whether or not to use a feeding tube to help her gain some weight and energy again.

Every day, the medical team faces new challenges, whether it's who will require their special attention that day, or decisions to be made about each child's treatment.
We all hope Sha, Lu, Jiang, Wang and Hong get better soon!

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