Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Featured Staff: Our Nannies

Hi everyone, Little Flower volunteer Mirjam here!

Today, as I was talking with two of our Nannies, or "Ayi's" about their work at the baby home, I thought this might make a great blog post. Our ayi's work incredibly hard so that each baby gets the love and support they deserve. They all rotate in and out of two 7-hour day shifts and a 10-hour night shift each day to provide the necessary 24-hour care we specialize in.

Giving baths, changing diapers, feeding hungry children, playing games with the bigger babies and toddlers, providing comfort and love, and of course helping our medical team observe each child's health condition, our Ayis are at the heart of the Baby Home staff. I sat down to ask two of our ayi's (Wang Ayi and Zhang Ayi) some quick questions about their time at Little Flower (all responses have been translated from Chinese to English). Wang Ayi has only recently joined Little Flower, and gives her perspective on having newly joined the team. Zhang Ayi has been working with us for about a year, and briefly shares her thoughts and experiences. Check it out below:

Wang Ayi

Why did you choose to work at Little Flower?
I love children, especially babies. In working here, I feel as though they are my own children, and I try to treat them that way. For me, it's like the perfect place to work.

What did you do before you started working here?
Before I started at the baby home, I didn’t work; I was actually a full-time mother and housewife. Currently, I live with my husband and 13-year-old son in the Beijing suburbs, not too far from the baby home.  After all these years as a full-time mom to my son, I felt like I needed to go out and see the world and work.

How did you hear about Chunmiao Little Flower?
I heard about Little Flower through a friend who’s working here as well. She often talked about this place and introduced me to the managing staff. My friend of course thought that this was the ideal place to work if you like children – and I can confirm that that is true!

What did you think when you visited the Baby Home for the first time?
When I visited the baby home for the first time, I was very touched--there were tears all over my face. I saw the children and just realized all at once that I wanted to give a mother's love to all of them.

How has your first week been?
As of now, I don’t know all the children in the Baby Home yet. I’ve been working in two rooms during this first week. The children from these two rooms, however...I feel that I already know them! Their names, their personalities, who's shy and who's more outgoing.
So far, I have not had any difficulties.  If I ever have any questions, the other Ayis always help and explain thing.

What are your favorite things about your job so far?         
I like doing all the work that needs to be done, but I especially like to play with the children, and to comfort them – everything that helps to keep them away from tears and crying!

Zhang Ayi

What is your family at home like?
I have a 4-year-old child, who’s living with her grandparents in Hebei province where I’m originally from. We moved to Beijing for work, and I’m currently living with my husband in Beijing.

How do you like your job? 
After working here for about one year, I’m familiar with the routine work and also with the children. One challenge that I've discovered, however, is that there is a high turnover rate with many children coming and going. This is good because it means that we're helping more kids get healthy, but it can be challenging, since there are constantly new issues and problems that come up.

Is there a special part of the job you like?
I do not have a preferred task or any kind of task that I don’t like – I like everything, from changing baby diapers, to feeding and singing with them. It is all part of the job!

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