Friday, January 10, 2014

The Daily Routine

At the Early Education Center, the daily routine is anything but routine. The teachers and staff do an amazing job of keeping the children engaged. Here's a glimpse into an average day:

After a morning of classroom work, the kids all head outside around 11:00 for recess. Some days, it's fun on the playground, while other days, the staff organizes a game or other outdoor activity. Today, it's a game. Everyone lines up together!

They stand at attention, waiting for the teacher to explain the rules.

The teacher sets to work. He throws a bunch of flying rings in the air and the kids move to catch them! Everyone needs to grab a ring and get back in formation! The shouting and excited laughter is infectious.

Little Qiang has got his ring covered.

And so does Ye.

Recess is always an exciting time of day.

But after about 45 minutes or so, it's time to come back inside. Everyone knows the drill! Get ready to line up and walk back into the school.

Everyone takes their warm coats off and hangs them in their cubbies.

And then it's time for circle time!

While everyone gets into the circle, it's Zhong's turn to wipe down the tables for lunch. He does the job with a big smile.

Maria, our Curriculum Director, grabs some finger puppets and leads everyone in a song.

Before they know it, it's time for lunch. One of our group home dads comes to the school to cook a hot lunch for the kids every day. On the menu today: rice, seaweed soup, vegetable stir-fry, and chicken.

After lunch, the kids clean out their bowls and bring them to the sink. And what could be better after lunch than an afternoon nap? The pillows, mats, and dinosaur blankets come out and the kids get settled into their spots.

Just another day in paradise!

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