Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year, New Arrivals

Welcome to our new babies! Here are the first 3 children to arrive this year: 


Xin was brought to the baby home right after her birth.

She is a beautiful little girl with seizure issues, and we brought her to the hospital, where doctors are doing their best to figure out a treatment plan.


Qian is a darling little 10 month girl who was brought to us in early January. When she was brought in, she was suffering from convulsions and scoliosis. She was unable to drink milk so her development was slower than average.

With lots of attention and love, we are trying to stabilize her for further treatments.


She arrived last Friday at about three weeks old. The medical team suspects she has a heart defect. We are working on stabilizing her first so that she can grow and gain weight. Then we can consider surgery. We hope to replace her serious expression with some smiles soon!

Welcome to our newest little ones!

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