Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Place for Everything

With about 10 children playing in the playroom the whole morning, can you imagine what it must look like afterwards? Toys everywhere! All of this needs to be cleaned up before lunch time! Cleaning up can be great fun too--almost as fun as playing with the toys themselves. All you need is a big storage box, your friends, and a plan.

Min and Wan have already started. Each box is marked with a day of the week, so that the staff can keep track of what toys are clean as well as the toys that need cleaning each day.

Luckily, the Ayis are helping too. Otherwise, Min and Wan could probably just start playing again, and lunch would get cold!

Little He and You get involved too!

Can you figure out who’s missing? It's Little Yi! Seems as if he’s not in the mood to tidy up today.

The slide! Of course, if everyone else is cleaning up, the slide is free!

Finally, the toys all end up in the box. The babies do an awesome job of making sure the box is closed tightly.

Still a few minutes to go for lunch...enough time for a song!

But hey, why is Wan not sitting in the circle with all the others? She still wants to play!

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