Monday, November 11, 2013

The Lunchtime Chronicles

It’s lunchtime at the Beijing Baby Home! Actually, it’s not always easy to tell which meal is lunch, because some of our kids get up to 8 meals or snacks a day, depending on their individual needs.

In any case, it’s around 11 AM here, and the nannies are dishing up meals for the baby room upstairs. Xian gets two courses this time: first some porridge, and a bottle afterwards. Looks like he’s maybe a little happier with the bottle and still a bit skeptical about the porridge, don’t you think?

While Little Hua eats her porridge, her friend Chen comes on over. Hey, Chen, you’ve already had your lunch, haven’t you?

Yes, apparently Chen’s already over lunchtime. He’s ready to play!

Hong wants to get in on the action too. It seems as if she too wants to help to feed Hua!

In the meantime, our toddlers downstairs are almost done with their lunch. They get a freshly cooked meal every day. On today’s menu: some tasty carrots, pasta and pork.

Yi really likes today’s meal, but he likes playing with his nanny even more.

“Do you want some more pasta?” asks nanny.

“No, I don’t want,” says Yi.

“Ok let’s wash your hands,” nanny says.

“I want some more pasta!”

By now, all the other kids have already left for their after-lunch nap. Only Xin is still in the dining room. Today, she wants to eat all by herself, without any help! She gives it a try, but finds that maybe it’s not as easy as she thought. That’s when she tells the nanny that it’s okay to help her. “But only holding the bowl; don’t touch my spoon!” she says.

Good job Xin!

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